Hairdresser reveals most annoying things customers do in her salon

Hairdresser reveals most annoying things customers do in her salon
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The hair salon and barbershop aren't just places to discuss grooming, they can also be a safe haven for people to relax and feel pampered.

But for one hairdresser, there are some things that her customers do or say during appointments that are nightmarish.

Amy Lee, who goes by @amyleeartistry on TikTok, uploaded a video to the platform to share the things that go on in a day at the salon.

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For example, she said some customers will come to the salon with hair that hasn't been washed in almost three weeks because they think the hair dye will work better.

She also said that customers may decide to dye their one color, but then change their mind to do a colour that could require more care such as blonde.

She shared that she doesn't appreciate when a customer is 20 minutes late and expects her to toss their trash away if they have any.

"They ask you to throw away their trash?? I would be too embarrassed, I would ask where’s the trash can… but that’s it," another commenter added.

She also described the mistakes she's made on her end such as accidentally grabbing a pair of shears instead of thinning scissors for the hair and banging the hot blowdryer on the client's head.

One viewer said: "My hairdresser always burns my head when she [blowdries] my hair but I literally never say anything because I’m just so awkward."

Another, who is presumably a hairdresser wrote: "I always accidentally knock my clients w my dryer. They’re used to it at this point."

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