People who have lived in a 'haunted house' share their scariest stories

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With Halloween just around the corner, things are starting to look a bit more spooky outside but maybe we should be more concerned about what is creeping around in our own homes.

Over on Reddit, people who have been unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you feel about ghosts) enough to have lived in a haunted house have been sharing their experiences.

In a thread on r/AskReddit the user known as 'Suicidal Kitty' asked fellow Redittors:

Redditors who have lived in a 'haunted' house, what are your most unexplainable paranormal experiences?

The post was met with a deluge of comments and let's just say that if you are easily scared then maybe don't read any further.

TlFF wrote:

In 2012, my stepfather overdosed on heroin and dropped dead in the hallway in his condo apartment. My mum had to move out shortly after since they were already behind on mortgage bills. A few months later, my lease went up and I was barely making ends meet and couldn't find a new roommate. My mum offered me the key to the condo apartment to "squat" for a few months until I saved up enough for my own apartment.

I took the offer and moved into the condo apartment. After a month or so, I was asleep in the living room and I had this dream of him standing in the hallway facing the living room. He was looking at me and smiling/laughing. Even made a stupid joke and everything. It wasn't disturbing at all, just bittersweet. Then I suddenly woke when I felt some pressure stroking down my head and back. There was nothing around me and it tripped me the hell out.

As a skeptical person that doesn't believe in the paranormal, it has to be some kind of sensory hallucination. It was still nice to see him in my dream once again though. Made me tear up typing this. RIP Darin. 

Mildly Interesting Fact: he dropped dead on July 13th in 2012. On a Friday the 13th.

coolicidal said:

I had fallen asleep at night with my fan running, and woke up freezing - I turned it off. Not long after, I woke up hot, and turned it back on.

This happened several times. The last time, I woke up hot once again, and the moment I opened my eyes, I heard the pull of my fan and looked up to see it slowly start speeding up.

I said, 'thank you,' and fell back asleep.

suspiciouspalmtree added:

I live in a house built in the 1800’s. It’s survived the 2 world wars and it’s seen some shit I imagine. One of the previous owners had 2 sons, who both committed suicide.

A lot of strange stuff happens. The animals (dog and parrots) will wake up from their naps and follow something with their heads just as they would follow me if I walk around.

Also, before I switched rooms in the house, my brother had a room and he refused to sleep there as he would hear voices. He slept with my parents (he was a child) until the day he got my old room and since then has slept in that room without problems.

There’s also a whole floor we don’t use and I sleep in the attic, and I pass through that floor to get to my attic (weird explanation but it’s a weird house) and I have a motion activated light there that goes on as I’m walking the stairs to that unused floor.

It would also switch on in the middle of the night while nobody is walking under the motion detector. Also, there’s cold spots.

This comes from TheCaptainhat:

I have a similar experience! When I was younger, my parents would frequently go run errands in the neighbouring city and be gone most of the day from morning to night. Our living room was in a spot where you would have to walk through it to get from the back door to reach either the front door or my parents' room. You would walk between the couch and the TV while doing so.

So I was home alone and my dad came through the back door, walked in front of me as he crossed the room and entered his and my mom's room. Then he came back out, walked across my field of vision once again, and left through the back door. He didn't look at me, look at the TV, or really do anything besides walk across the room in both directions.

When I asked him what he came home for or if he forgot something he honestly had no clue what I was talking about. They were an hour and a half away and coming home for something they forgot would have not made much sense. He was also wearing different clothes when I spoke with him compared to when I "saw" him earlier. Such a strange experience and I only saw it that one time.

iMostLikelyNeedHelp said:

A lady who had 2 husbands die on her in the same house. That's the house my dad decides to buy. The first one hung himself from the rafters in the garage and the second one fell ill and died in his bed in the basement. I lived in the basement room and often just felt like I was being watched all the time. The bedroom in the basement has a secret storage room behind a bookshelf with a locking latch. I would always wake up to find the door wide open. It happened so often that I would wake up cold and routinely go shut and lock the latch of the door in the middle of the night. For the longest time I thought it was my dad or step brothers messing with me but it wasn't. My stepbrother now occupies that room and he says it still happens to him and that he's even seen it open on its own! There are no air vents or anything so I've ruled out wind.

Also in the garage, I always see light coming from under the door through the crack only to open the door to pitch black. I've heard sounds coming from the garage only to find saw blades clanging together and slightly rotating in their place on the hole storage wall. Didn't think anything of it at first, but when you find s**t moving on more than one occasion, it makes you look over your shoulder at the rafters and wonder...

MTSwagger said:

I watched one of our cats being pulled backwards about 5 feet by her tail. She was walking through the dining area and suddenly was sliding backwards, as if someone was pulling her by her tail. Only there wasn't. She freaked out and tried to run, but couldn't immediately as something held on for a brief second before letter her go. I tend to think that was the handy work of a 4 or 5 year old girl ghost who hangs out and she just wanted to play with the kitty.

Imported_Thighs added this chilling story about their closet.

Closest I've got to a haunted house is a haunted room:

I used to sleep on the 2nd floor (the bottom one being the 1st) and my sister in the attic.

She used to have sleep paralysis often. Then she moved out and now I have her old room.

She no longer has sleep paralysis, but I do.

We'll leave you with this spooky story from ragxdoll

my father in law died before my son was born, so he never meet him. When we moved into our new home, my son would often be laughing in the middle of the night by himself.

No biggie, kids will play with anything. One day,we were finally putting pictures up in the house and once I put up the picture of my father in law, he said "oh mommy why do you have a picture of the man that comes and play with me at night?"

He had never ever seen a picture of my father in law before.

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