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The daughter of a Christian radio host came out as bisexual, and condemned her father's 'hurtful words' and anti-gay teachings.

Brandi Burgess took to local news come out, and shame her father Rick Burgess' on air bible studies.

In an article on Friday published on AL.comheadlined "I'm praying for my father", Brandi took Rick to task.

Aged 27, and writing from her new home in Philadelphia, Burgess wrote about her father's career of over 20 years as the host of Rick and Bubba on Alabama local radio.

My first memories are of me sitting under my father's radio desk, listening to him talk. Rick Burgess has built an entire career sharing the stories of his life.

He has amassed an incredible following, because he speaks his truth.

People love him. People hate him. His boldness has always inspired me.

Burgess explains how as she grew up she was incorporated into his radio show, used as a fable of sorts to teach about relationships between men and women.

Then - in his eyes -- I failed him.

It began, according to Burgess, when she posted a photo to her Instagram from a Pride march.

Her father was most concerned it would "compromise his platform", told her to remember "who you represent", and then asked if she was "a gay".

In addition Rick, apparently without her consent, returned to using her as a character in his on air fables in a role not chosen by herself, a prodigal daughter.

The story my father tells is one of a lost lamb, covered in shame.

In his public musings, he speaks of my sin.

Without my consent, he uses me as a cautionary tale.

Burgess described heartbreaking moments when her family refused to let her close by her siblings, when they told her to choose between them and her sexuality, and when her father Rick lectured her on the radio.

Burgess states repeatedly she does not disavow her Christianity, and also does not, like her family, believe they are incompatible.

Then she explains why she has written publicly.

So now, I am writing to the young women who feel like they don't belong in their bodies, to the boys who want to kiss boys, and those on the spectrum between:

Perhaps you have heard my father on the radio and it makes you want to go to sleep and never wake up.

I love you. Your worth is untouchable.

Find a good friend. Invest in therapy.

Dance in the middle of the night and hold yourself accountable to the life you've always wanted.

At the root of all this hate speech is fear.

This is not your fear to carry.

Release it.

Burgess concludes her letter with this message.

I am praying for my father. I am holding onto hope and it is outstretched toward him.

Perhaps he will take hold. Perhaps we will find we were holding the same cord.

Speaking on his show on Saturday, Rick and wife Sherri discussed the media coverage of Brandi's article.

In his opening remarks he expressed his dismay that Brandi was creating a form of Christianity "that is not biblical in any form".

Sadly our daughter and others have bought into this new hippy version of Jesus: He's become a hippy, and we're all loved, and love is love, and who's to judge love?

Read Brandi's message in its entirety at AL.com.

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