The TikTok trend "he's a 10 but..." explained

The TikTok trend "he's a 10 but..." explained
A new TikTok trend is encouraging people to get creative when imagining a fake partner with crazy personality traits
salemmitchell / TikTok, sophadophaa / TikTok, zahra / TikTok

A new trend is sweeping through TikTok and has people getting creative while imagining a not-so-perfect partner.

This month videos began circulating of people participating in a game where they rate an imaginary partner on a scale from 1 to 10 to determine their attractiveness. But there's a catch. Each imaginary partner must have a specific personality trait, either negative or positive, that will balance their level of attractiveness.

In the game, one person will propose an imaginary partner and the rest of the group must figure out what number on the scale the partner actually belongs on.

Some examples include:

"He's a 10 but he has the exact same voice as your brother," from Zahra. Ultimately he was given a 3.5.

"He's a six but he has really nice bedding," from billlnai. He was awarded a 10.

"She's a nine but she can't read an analog clock," from sophadophaa. She becomes a 4.

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The trend has become extremely popular with well-known influencers and ordinary people who find joy in creating ridiculous potential partners and rating them appropriately.

Zahra's video got over one million views and 166k likes from people who found it hysterical that if a man was a 10 on attractiveness but only ate food if it was "airplaned" into his mouth she believes he would be a 7.


ok what do y’all think LMAOO #hesa10but


#hesa10 #menslander

Other people have racked up tons of views for attaching super specific and weird personality traits to the imaginary partners. Like Salemmitchell whose video got over 100k views for proposing "he's a 10 but on your first date did the splits."


he’s a 10 but….. 😭

The trend has spawned even parody versions from a man's perspective. Joshgarlepp posted a version in which he and a friend gave women ridiculous trait like hitting someone with her car, killing them, and driving away yet still giving her a 10.

"Guys have lower standards", he wrote in the caption.


Guys have lower standard. She’s a 10 but a neo nazi #hesa10 #hesa #funny #ick

Even people on Twitter got in on the action as "he's a 10 but" and "she's a 10 but" were trending on Monday morning.

The trend emerges as other popular trends like "Krissed" make their way through the viral space.

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