Is that viral Hilary Duff gym photo real?

Is that viral Hilary Duff gym photo real?
Hilary Duff just revived Lizzy McGuire while on the writers' strike picket …
Hilary Duff

A viral photo of Hilary Duff in the gym has left people stunned by her amazing body, but all may not be as it seems.

Duff is seemingly universally loved among millennials after her starring role as the iconic character Lizzie McGuire in the early noughties show.

On X/Twitter, a post by pop culture site Daily Loud went viral appearing to show a photo of the actress in a gym, leading to some jokingly referring to her as “Hilary Buff” thanks to her muscular body.

In the picture, she appeared to wear a white vest and navy blue leggings, while holding a face mask down just below her chin.

The post has been viewed almost 40 million times and attracted thousands of comments, though some have cast some doubt over the legitimacy of the picture.

Despite not being far off from her natural body shape, some users in the comments determined that some parts of her body, such as her thighs, were slightly edited from the original pictures.

One person shared another image that was almost identical but appeared to show slightly less muscle in the quads.

Regardless of any editing, people were impressed with her figure, with some users wanting to know her lower body workout routine.

Someone joked: “Me emailing Hilary Duff to find out her leg/glute day routine.”

Duff has been open about how important strength and fitness are to her, revealing in an interview with Shape magazine that she works out three to four times a week and has a personal trainer.

Elsewhere, she told Women’s Health magazine, “Lifting weights, as a woman, is really important. It's important for your bones. It's important for us constantly being on our cell phones and our posture”.

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