Who is the Home Depot girl from Twitter and TikTok?

Who is the Home Depot girl from Twitter and TikTok?
Shaquille O'Neal buys washer and dryer for family he met at Home …
@arianacossie TikTok

A woman has found herself receiving widespread attention online and has been dubbed the "Home Depot girl."

Ariana Josephine has gone viral after posting selfies on Twitter of herself in her Home Depot uniform (hence the nickname) as everyone has been complementing her appearance across social media including TikTok.

It all began when the 21-year-old shared bathroom selfies of herself as she sported her workwear from the American DIY store which includes an orange apron.

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“The one job I work at that I get reminded I’m too pretty to work at," Ariana wrote as the post caption, and she was clearly reminded online too after the post received 35.8m views and 107,000 likes.

In a follow-up post, two days later she shared another bathroom selfie in her uniform, this time with her hair down instead of tied back and Ariana wrote: "Home Depot Girl Taking Over 2.0"

Similarly, this too also did numbers with it receiving 7.8m views and 77,000 likes.

People have been paying Ariana endless compliments about her beauty in response to her selfies.

One person said: "All the baddies are working at Home Depot."

"Omggggg drop the skincare routine please," another person wrote.

Someone else joked: "I suddenly find the urge to paint me and my neighbour's house."

"What Home Depot is this??!!! I would be there shopping for a Lawnmower with no lawn," a fourth person commented.

Since going viral, Ariana now has over 76,000 Twitter followers and 191,000 Instagram followers at the time of writing.

In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as a video creator on topics such as Faith, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty.

However, the recent attention hasn't all been welcoming because Ariana recently took to Instagram to criticise people online who illegally doxxed her location and as a result announced that there will be no more Home Depot posts.

"Last post about Home Depot since the world is illegally doxxing my location and job," she wrote.

"Y’all turned something innocent into something crazy and ruined my way of making money by seriously taking the internet TOO far.

She added: "Thanks for all the nice people I’ve spoken to and inspired and thanks to the hate because it’s helped me grow closer to God and be more tough skinned."

It has also been reported that none other than basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal D'Med her a supportive message.

“Don’t let them peopl [sic] bother u,” O’Neal told Ariana, according to the Twitter account Legion Hoops which shared a screenshot of the interaction.

“Don’t read the comments stuff like that will drive you crazy.”

After Ariana thanked Shaq, he then quipped in response: "Have a great day tell all your boyfriends I said hello.”

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