A husband in the US received criticism for not attending the sex party his wife planned for his birthday.

In the US series Couples Therapy,  Mau and Annie, who have been married for over 20 years, made an appearance where they discussed their relationships issues candidly.

Although the season they appeared on aired in 2019, Mau and Annie speaking about their group sex blunder aired in the UK this week - and viewers were shocked.

Annie recalled to the show’s psychologist Dr Orna Guralnik that she had planned a “huge weekend” and was “pulling out all the stops” by organising a sex orgy party for Mau’s birthday.

“I was trying so hard, but in my focus on the weekend, I had been not attentive during that week leading up to it, and he kept saying, basically ‘you’re barking up the wrong tree,’ and I wasn’t listening, and I wasn’t getting it,” Annie said.

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She then continued to say that Mau told her to “cancel everything”.

“I’m not going with you. I don’t want anything. I don’t want this. And by the way, where is my passport?’ And he went to Italy,” she recalled.

Mau claimed that his decision to spend his birthday by himself rather than the sex party his wife planned for him was due to her putting too much effort into it.

“All I want is – I’m trying to think of how to say this so it doesn’t sound terrible. What I want is to have zero responsibility,” Mau said.

“With the birthday, for example, she was putting in all this effort. The things she was doing are the things she could only imagine I would want if she was never paying attention. For example, it was going to be a costume condor, and then it was a dominatrix, was probably like a threesome it was like stuff.”

He further said that Annie mentioned the details of the upcoming festivities because she was “so enthusiastic about it.”

British viewers took their opinions to Twitter to deliver their frustration over Mau’s reaction to Annie’s well-intentioned gift.

“Am obsessed with #couplesTherapyMau is such an überprick & textbook narcissist. How does she put up with his s***? WHY does she put up with it? Get in the fucking bin, Chairman Mau,” someone wrote.

“Oh god, Mau needs to get in the bin #couplestherapy,” another added.

A third wrote: “I wonder if any of the couples watched themselves back just now and thought, “wow, I did not come off well there” #couplesTherapy,” which prompted someone to directly respond with one name: “Mau.”

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