If you knew how figs were pollinated you'd never want to eat one again

Figs. Delicious sweet tasting figs. Turns out they're pollinated by death and incest. Why?

In further punishment from science for all the stuff we did to Galileo, this monstrous video explains how figs are pollinated.

It's both complicated, and horrifying, all at the same time.

First, female fig wasps (which are legit a thing) burrow through a fig hole, in the process losing their wings.


As they lay their eggs in unused fig flowers, they pollinate the rest.


The mother wasp dies, and her male offspring impregnate their own sisters, usually before the sisters have even hatched.

What the what?

Then the male fig wasps die, but before this they bore holes through the fig to the outside.

Who does this information help?

When the female fig wasps hatch, they then leave the fig via the holes made by their dead brothers.

They then fly away to find a new fig and hatch their eggs.

Science is evil. They ruined smoking, and now they're coming after fruits.

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