Incredibly close-up photos of everyday objects are surprisingly beautiful

A grain of sugar
A grain of sugar

This series of images shows everyday objects in incredibly close-up detail, revealing a world the human eye cannot see despite being confronted by most of the items every day.

Artist and photographer Pyanek used a Canon T3i camera with its lens reversed to transform objects like ballpoint pens and apple stalks into something magical in the aptly-named series Amazing Worlds Within Our World.

Speaking to, Pyanek - who wishes to remain anonymous - explained that they were inspired as soon as they realised their camera's lens could be reversed.

I went crazy and started photographing everything in my apartment almost obsessively. I was totally amazed by everything I saw under the lens and this just made me want to share it with the world.

From that point onwards it grew organically, I thought of making a video, I envisioned it would be slow-paced with hypnotic music, I wanted to transport people and try to recreate for them the amazement I felt.

If you scroll down this page slowly, you can guess what each photo shows before the reveal

Apple stalk

Pages of a book

Brass key



Kitchen sponge

Tea bag

The 'X' on a keyboard

You can watch a video of the series here:

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