An Indian Taco Bell is giving the internet serious FOMO

An Indian Taco Bell is giving the internet serious FOMO
Taco Bell Is Testing New Menu Items That Contain a Giant Cheez-It

Not all fast-food chains are alike around the world.

Someone on Reddit shared a picture of a Taco Bell in Hyderabad, India - and people have a fear of missing out on the experience.

Within the image, the traditional Taco Bell sign can be can be seen displayed full front and centre.

However, the restaurant also had unique graffiti-esque art etched on one wall, while another wall had multicoloured "OK" symbols all over it.

What's more? The location had lower prices for the menu items.

Once people saw this Taco Bell on the platform, they couldn't help but wish they could make their way over there, with the price being one of the biggest motivations.

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One person wrote: "You just know the India Taco Bells hit so much better than the US."

"Nah, Taco Bell [in] India is pretty good compared to overseas Taco Bells. Dare I say it's a lot better," another agreed, while a third wrote: "Food even looks better."

"You have the naked chicken chalupa for $1.86. Jealous. What's the side that comes with the meal? Fries?" a fourth wrote.

Although the picture also shows a sign with some of the menu items listed, alongside the cost of the items, a few people offered some additional price comparisons, including the original poster.

"I got a big bell box non-vegetarian for 300 rupees. That's like 3.75 USD. It came with A crunchy chicken taco, a burrito, fries, cinnamon twists, and a drink. It was really good, especially for the price," the original poster wrote.

Certainly, it seems that in India, you can get a lot more bang for your buck than in the US.

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