Influencer breaks down in tears after strangers reject her offer to pay for their shopping

Influencer breaks down in tears after strangers reject her offer to pay for their shopping
TikTok influencer challenges delivery driver to bring food quickly in exchange for …

An influencer was left in tears after her offer to pay for someone’s food shopping was rejected on camera.

TikToker Amelia Goldsmith wanted to do a good deed and filmed herself in a supermarket approaching shoppers and offering to pay for their groceries to “cheer someone up”.

But, things did not turn out as she had expected after she was shut down by multiple customers.

Goldsmith was in a branch of Sainsbury’s when the incident occurred. In a TikTok video, she could be seen approaching a shopper with the offer.

The man told her: “No, no, no. I really don't need it.”

Another woman told her, “There's a lot more deserving people in the world but thank you,” adding, “I feel too guilty for taking it.”

Instead, Goldsmith resorted to buying some dried pasta, rice and sauces and putting them in the store's food bank collection.

Tearfully speaking to the camera, she said: “That was stressful, guys. That was really stressful.”


in hindsight i can see why people can react differently to this, but my intentions were purely to brighten up someones day💕 i’m still super happy with what I ended up doing and i’ll do more of it for sure #storytime #vlog #makesomeonesday #foodshop

She continued: “I was expecting the first person to be, like, overjoyed and grateful and happy for me to pay for their shopping, but obviously that didn't go down well.

“He was a little bit angry. I was a little bit taken aback and then - I'm gonna cry, to be honest - the second person, she just sort of looked at me like I was some absolute idiot weirdo.”

She went on, explaining that it was a “challenge” for her to approach people because she finds social situations “really quite hard”.

In the comments, other TikTokers suggested that next time she should try it in a different supermarket.

Someone argued: “You need to go to a cheaper supermarket like Aldi or Lidl. People who shop in Sainsbury’s can afford it.”

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