Charles Hutton, better known as 'Insta-Chaz', has created a guide to life based on post-it note cartoons.

As a treat for indy100, he even created this masterpiece on the etiquette of London's most famous form of public transport (above).

The artist has been uploading the post-it note cartoons to Instagram since August 2015, but the drawings began life in a Whatsapp group with his friends.

Since then, they've become something of a phenomenon. The Instagram account alone has 149,000 followers.

All of this popularity has motivated Hutton to make a book, entitled A Sticky Note Guide To Life, which is available now.

Indy100 spoke to Hutton ahead of the book's release.

How have the drawings changed since you began?

The drawings have actually changed a fair bit. Originally, there were a lot more graphs, and my writing was a messier scrawl. Now, a year later, there are less graphs and the drawings are a lot more dense, as the jokes have become a little more ‘long form’ (perhaps I’m running out of one-liners) while my handwriting is now verging on a psychotic level of anal-retentiveness in regards to neatness.

Audience engagement is primarily people commenting on my numerous spelling mistakes, which they’re always very nice about.

Did you ever expect his venture to reach so many people, considering it began in a Whatsapp group?

No, not at all. I think the vague idea was to get a few thousand followers and hopefully get a brewery to pay me to mention them and maybe get some free drinks.

The idea that it would hit 10k seemed fairly far-fetched at the beginning, for it to keep going past 100k is frankly just a bit silly.

What comes next after the book? Do you have plans to do more of the same series or start another series?

Another book? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, HarperCollins?!) I’m not sure at this stage, it would be nice to keep drawing them, but I’m well aware that there will be a point in the not too distant future where I’ll have said everything I need to say.

Are there any other art projects you're working on alongside this?

There’s a few… I’ve started drawing a cartoon whale called Mr Whale, which is gloriously far more juvenile than the instachaaz account, which makes for a nice change of pace.

There’s also furniture that I build with a friend on the side, which would be nice to get back into this winter. There’s also a script that’s floating around in my head, but it’ll be a while till that see’s the light of day. 

Here's some of Mr Whale, and a link to Charles' furtniture venture.

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