Instagram doesn't care that everyone hates its changes

Instagram doesn't care that everyone hates its changes
Instagram confirms it will become ‘more about video over time’.mp4

Instagram: what was once a place to post artsy photos has now become filled with sponsored content, celebrities, and short-form videos. And despite complaints from users, Instagram has no intention of going back to their old ways.

This past week, people have been calling out Instagram for making drastic changes. From everyday users to major celebrities like Kylie Jenner, it seems the general population is fed up with Instagram.

Recent changes made to the algorithm have pushed short-form videos (aka 'Reels') to the forefront.

Now, Reels are the priority with more being shown on people's feed and entire section of the app dedicated to watching videos.

Additionally, the app has increased 'recommendations' in a user's feed. For every one or two photos from an account a person follows, two or three recommendations pop up.

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"I don’t want to watch videos on Instagram, period. I don’t want to make videos. All I want is to scroll through pleasant photos, and any data you have saying otherwise is because product changes intruded on my curation," Matt Ufford tweeted.

Due to the overwhelming about of negative feedback, head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, made a video addressing some of the comments.

"I'm hearing a lot of concerns right now about photos, and how we're shifting to video," Mosseri says. "I want to be clear: we're going to continue to support photos it's part of our heritage... That said, I need to be honest I do believe that more and more of Instagram is going to become video over time."

Mosseri cited an increase in metrics with shared posts, likes, and views as reasons the app is moving more towards video.

Mosseri went on to explain that recommendations, or the posts in your feed from accounts you don't follow, are meant to help people discover new things and help creators reach a larger audience.

"We're going to stay committed to creators more broadly. We're going to stay committed to supporting photos. We're going to stay in a place where we try and put your friend's content at the top of Feed and Stories whenever possible," Mosseri said.

But people still aren't buying it.

"Why do they think we want 12 of the same app??? No!! I like having different apps for different things," a user commented on a TikTok video explaining Instagram's new feed changes.

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