How to play Instagram's secret hidden emoji game

How to play Instagram's secret hidden emoji game

How to play Instagram's secret emoji game hidden in the DMs


Instagram users have noticed there is a new emoji game to play that is hidden inside the DMs section of the platform - and people have been sharing how to access it.

To play the game yourself simply send someone a single emoji of any kind or press on one you've received via Instagram DM and click the emoji you just sent which will then take you to the yellow game screen with the emoji of choice.

From there, the aim of the game - available on both iOS and Android - is to keep your emoji afloat and continuously bounce it with the small moveable platform which can you slide from side to side with your finger.

As you pick up points, the emoji will gradually move around quicker to enhance the difficulty, and the background colour will also get dark for each point too.

An example of Instagram's hidden emoji game in action where the caterpillar emoji turned into a butterfly emoji.Instagram

After getting to 10 points, some of the emojis will transform into another related emoji since for example if you send a caterpillar emoji, it will eventually change into a butterfly, or a potato emoji will become French fries.

The game saves your high score each time so it doesn't matter if you DM a different person to play the game, this will remain.

Meanwhile, if you're sending emojis to friends who are unaware of this secret game then they will not see the game unless they know to click on the emoji so probably worth informing them.

However, if you're having problems accessing the game on your Insta account then this may be because the game isn't available to all users just yet.

The reason behind the game's rollout is to make “Instagram feel more fun," the company told Techcrunch via email.

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