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The lengths we go to for likes, and for loves.

A photo of a man hanging off the side of a boat, in order to photograph his partner, has gone viral.

The 24-year-old man, named by the Daily Mail as Gabriel Martinez Rivera from Puerto Rico, was seen snapping a photo of his girlfriend Paola Pentón González for Instagram.

He posted the image to Insta on 27 July, tagging the photo in the British Virgin Islands.

The effort is worth it, Pentón González, who goes by the handle 'paolopenton', has over 16.5 thousand followers.

Here is what we assume to be the finished image from the hazardous shoot.

People on twitter have been amused by the act of devotion.

The photo also featured on the always popular 'Boyfriends of Instagram', an account devoted to photos of devoted boyfriends, taking pictures of their partners, often in similarly dangerous or uncomfortable circumstances.

HT Daily Mail

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