IShowSpeed's mother falls for April Fools Day arrest prank

IShowSpeed's mother falls for April Fools Day arrest prank
IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat blasted as 'idiots' by old woman on stream
Kai Cenat Live

There were countless April Fools Day pranks carried out on April 1, and IShowSpeed staged one so convincing that even his own mother fell for it.

IShowSpeed, real name Darren Jason Watkins Jr., pretended he'd been arrested while streaming on YouTube.

As people watched on, he called his mother and claimed he was in jail after getting dragged into a fight.

He used a background recording to add authenticity to the prank and told his mother that he got in a scuffle after getting into an altercation over his new Lamborghini.

"They just got me in a holding cell right now," IShowSpeed said, claiming he had punched someone.

Being the supportive mother that she is, she then went on to say she was going to call up the jail and protest the conditions they were keeping him under.

Only after realising that she was going to call up law enforcement officials did the YouTuber reveal that it was all an act.

Explaining the situation, he said: "No, no mom chill. April Fool's, April Fool's, April Fool's. I am sorry."

His mother replied: "Oh come on now, I was almost about to call Broward County!"

It comes after IShowSpeed and fellow streamer Kai Cenat got themselves into trouble with an elderly woman while live streaming in a supermarket.

On March 26, the pair combined for a joint stream on Rumble, setting about shopping in a local supermarket. At one stage, Kai Cenat decided to get into the shopping trolley when it got on an old woman's nerves and she decided to stop and give them a piece of her mind.

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