iShowSpeed condemned for dangerous 'coke and condom' challenge on live stream

iShowSpeed condemned for dangerous 'coke and condom' challenge on live stream
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iShowSpeed has attracted controversy after attempting a dangerous “coke and condom challenge” on his live stream.

The streamer, real name Darren Jason Watkins Jr., shocked viewers by putting a blown-up condom over his head on camera.

He then attempted to drink a bottle of Coca-Cola after adding Mentos to it, creating a “soda geyser” and causing the drink to fizz up.

The challenge is, of course, very dangerous – but it didn’t stop iShowSpeed attempting and ultimately failing to complete it.

"I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I didn't do it!” he said, speaking to his viewers. “Chat, that wasn't the one! No, that wasn't the one! I know how to do it now!”

He then exclaimed: “Let's f*** ourselves up! Let's f*** ourselves up!"

The challenge attracted plenty of negative comments, with one pointing out that he was setting a bad example for his younger fans.

"He's doing it for clout now, not (the) happiness of his viewers. He forgot that most of his audience are children,” one wrote.

Another said: "This the kinda stuff a 7 year old would do unattended."

One more added: "No on over the age of 12 finds this remotely funny or entertaining. Can we stop giving him a platform?"

A user wrote: "Bro losing it fr."

iShowSpeed has put his health at risk with challenges on his stream before. He previously required urgent medical attention after one of his stunts went wrong.

On 3 October, the 18-year-old went live to showcase a science experiment in which he made "devils' toothpaste."

The ingredients consisted of Hydrogen Peroxide, yeast and dish soap to create a chemical reaction, which soon backfired when smoke filled up the room and he was seen struggling to breathe

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