iShowSpeed urges fans to stop dangerons swatting trend: "I could have died"

iShowSpeed urges fans to stop dangerons swatting trend: "I could have died"
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The curse of swatting has hit the streaming world once again, this time affecting iShowSpeed.

He urged his followers to stop with the dangerous practice after having law officials called to his house, saying that he “could have really died” after having guns pointed at him.

The practice of swatting is becoming a growing issue. Porn actress-turned-Twitch star Adriana Chechik previously revealed she was going to have to move house because of being targeted, while Adin Ross also found one of his latest streams being interrupted in his latest run in with law officials.

The concerning trend sees streamers targeted by trolls who have uncovered their location, before making a hoax phone call to the emergency services, often claiming that there’s extreme violence taking place there.

iShowSpeed was broadcasting to his subscribers when he realised he’d been targeted again, despite having moved into his new house just a week before.

“Bro, just for my safety in case anything happens. Ain’t no f***ing way bro,” he says in the clip, before pulling down his streaming set up and walking into a different part of the house.

Later in the video, a police team is seen entering the house. Thankfully, iShowSpeed shared an update after the raid and confirmed that he was OK.

Pleading with his viewers, he said: “I just got swatted. I wish I knew whoever did that. That’s f***ed up. Don’t ever do that again in your life, bro. I could have really died. I had guns to my face. Don’t ever do that again.”

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