Italian shop in London claps back at Brexiteers following panettone stock issues

Italian shop in London claps back at Brexiteers following panettone stock issues

A local Italian delicacy business based in London turned to Twitter to announce stock issues of their panettone – and the responses soon spiralled out of control.

The Seeds of Italy Store in Harrow, North London famed for selling authentic Italian goods, candidly shared: “Due to Brexit, all our suppliers have run out of both cream and traditional panettone, this along with other goods.

“We have left what we have left.”

In a hilarious spin, they added: “We are unable to apologize as we voted remain.”

The panettone drama got even better when the business clapped back to someone who tweeted, “That’s ok I’ll stick with traditional Christmas cake.”

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Seeds of Italy said: “We love traditional Christmas cake. We sell that too. Shortages of ingredients mate means we’ve run out of it too.

“Where do you think raisins come from? Chester?”

Another sarcastic user shared that “TK Maxx have them,” before adding that the “awful thing” was fed to the birds.

“So buy a quality one from us rather than from a discount store,” the store smartly responded. “That’s the difference. And you’ll get a personal service as a local British small business. X”

An influx of snarky remarks divided the platform – and they were quite something.

One said, “No loss there. Give me a slice of British fruit cake any day.” While another aimed at the independent business and said: “A more constructive, apolitical tweet might have got you some more business. You will lose out sunshine!”

A man named Tony simply declared: “Buy British!” – accompanied with a GB flag.

Others, however, praised the business for being candid about their stock issues and the hilarious way they handled the situation.

“Well done you for saying the truth about the way Brexit is impacting on goods from abroad,” they tweeted. “Makes a change from seeing ‘temporarily out of stock’ which means, in reality, it’s not really coming back.”

Another apologised on behalf of the country for their remarks, “Apologies for a country that has lost all reason and manners, Paolo,” they said.

Indy100 has reached out to Seeds of Italy Store London for comment.

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