Former Fifa vice president Jack Warner appears to have fallen for a spoof article on the satirical website the Onion.

In a video on his Facebook page, the Trinidadian used the article as evidence of Fifa's righteousness.

Following charges of corruption announced against 14 people involved with Fifa, the satirical site posted an article claiming the governing body had frantically arranged for a World Cup to be held in the US this summer.

The article even states: "At press time, the US national team was leading defending champions Germany in the World Cup’s opening match after being awarded 12 penalties in the game’s first three minutes."

Nevertheless, Warner - who was arrested and then bailed last week - held up a printed copy of the article for his video (which has since been edited to remove any reference to the Onion) in which he spoke out about the charges against him and decried US media bias.

Then I look to see that Fifa has frantically announced 2015, 2015, this year, Olympic Final in the World Cup beginning May 27. If the Fifa is so bad, why is it that the USA wants to keep the World Cup? Why is that they began games on May 27...?

Why is it the US authorities sought to embarrass Fifa in Zurich? Something has to be wrong. I have told you over and over, this has stemmed from the failed US bid to host the World Cup.

  • Jack Warner
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