James Blunt destroyed a troll with just four words – and it was ‘beautiful’

James Blunt destroyed a troll with just four words – and it was ‘beautiful’

“You’re Beautiful” singer James Blunt lived up to his surname on Friday, when he took down a troll with a single sentence.

The interaction came after Blunt – real name James Blount – showed off his three vaccination cards, pointing out that he had received a dose of all three major jabs: Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna.

“Guys, the government are giving away free drugs, and I am trying ALL of them,” he wrote.

While many praised the star for protecting himself against coronavirus – and his rare “combo” – one Twitter user named ‘Marko’ wasn’t too pleased to see the musician vaxxed.

“This tweet won’t age well,” he said, rounding off the tweet with a facepalm emoji.

Blunt, who has garnered some newfound popularity in recent years for his witty tweets, proved he was certainly one of many “Wisemen” in his reply, simply writing back: “And neither will you”.

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We would embed the full interaction here, but in a clear sign that you’ve been annihilated by one of the noughties’ biggest stars, ‘Marko’ has since made his account private on Twitter, so we’ve only got a screenshot.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users have responded to praise Blunt’s “perfect response”:

Take it from us: Blunt’s reply really was beautiful.

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