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We’ve all laid down on a Sunday evening, bellies swollen with roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, and wished with all our might that we could just experience this bliss forever.

Well, we can't help you on the roast front, but if you're looking to pay the bills we might have the job for you.

Researchers at France’s space medical institute are looking for 24 healthy, young men to lie down and do absolutely nothing for two months. For the ripe sum of €16,000 (around £13,600).

The researchers want to reproduce microgravity, which is the state of virtual weightlessness, and study its effects on the human body.

Successful candidates will need to be physically fit and active, aged between 20 and 45, non-smokers with no allergies, and a body mass index of between 22 and 27.

After two weeks of tests, they’ll be asked to lie in bed for 60 days – where they will eat, wash, and do, erm, other vital bodily functions. The rules are strict: candidates must lie down at all times. Then, another two-week-long round of tests.

The researchers want to study the effects of this on the body, and how to overcome them, to help astronauts on their return to earth.

They can experience low blood pressure and vertigo, Dr. Arnaud, Beck, the coordinating physician of the study, told 20 Minutes – as well as a weakened immune system.

If you fancy spending a few months in bed in the name of science, you can apply here.

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