Joe and Jill Biden ride bikes on First Lady's birthday

A new landmark was briefly added to Google Maps before disappearing on Tuesday night; the spot where President Joe Biden fell off his bike in Delaware.

In June, the president took a tumble while trying to speak to reporters after a bike ride with his family in Rehoboth Beach. The viral moment captured the attention of right-wingers, including Donald Trump, who used the moment to mock Biden, 79.

The accidental fall even led some to create the "Biden Bike Challenge" where people would visit the spot Biden fell and recreate the infamous photo of his fall.

But on Tuesday some people noticed the spot where the President fell was marked on Google Maps as "Brandon Falls".

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The pin appeared at the intersection of roads near the entrance to Gordon's Pond State Park Area.

Although by Tuesday evening Google had removed the pin several other nods to the viral moment are available to view. A "Brandon Falls Memorial" pin further away from the actual site of the accident appeared on maps. As well as (Brandon Falls) being added to the name of Gordon's Pond State Park Area.

Any person can suggest a landmark to Google Maps however Google has the authority to remove to keep the landmark. The same rule goes for people adding their place of business and more.

People circulated the new Google Maps landmark pin and joked about it on Twitter.

"This wins the internet for the week," Nick Short wrote.

"The exact spot Joe fell on his bike is listed on Google maps as "Brandon Falls." I don't know who did it but I want to shake your hand!" A Twitter user said.

The name Brandon comes from another meme moment in 2021 when NBC reporter Kelli Stavast told NASCAR driver Brandon Brown the crowd was shouting "Let's Go Brandon" at him during an interview. In reality, the crowd was yelling "f*** Joe Biden" however neither Stavast nor Brown could make out the exact chant.

Footage of the interview went viral leading conservatives to pick up the phrase as a code word for "f*** Joe Biden". Then a "Let's Go Brandon" song went viral on TikTok, skyrocketing the code phrase into mainstream media.

Luckily Biden did not suffer any injuries due to the fall and he joked about it to the media in the following days.

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