Joel Burger is marrying Ashley King in July. Guess who's paying for the wedding?

Pic credit: YouTube

This summer, get ready for a whopper of a wedding.

Joel Burger, 24, and Ashley King, 23, met in nursery and started going out when they were in college.

The pair are now engaged and have embraced their surnames, billing the event as the Burger-King wedding and taking a celebratory photo in front of a sign for the fast food chain.

"We have yet to escape the teasing," Ashley told Illinois paper the State Journal-Register, "but we have fully embraced our nickname."

The Burger-King wedding is planned for July in Jacksonville, Illinois - and Burger King has now announced they will pay for the ceremony.

"When we heard about the happy, Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage," Burger King's Eric Hirschhorn told the State Journal-Register. "On so many levels it felt like fate; they found each other and their story found us."

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