John Humphrys rapping on Radio 4's Today programme is the strangest thing you'll hear all day

Picture: Claire Greenway/Getty Images
Picture: Claire Greenway/Getty Images

You probably know him more for grilling politicians, but now John Humphrys is doing a different type of spitting on his mic.

John Humphrys, legendary journalist and presenter of the Today programme, has offered up his take on Stormzy.

Today's 7.40am slot on the Radio 4 programme was devoted to discussing the upcoming Brit Awards with journalist Peter Doggett.

Doggett noted the lack of hiphop or grime artists, treating the audience to a bit of Stormzy as an example of the type of less "safe and bland" artists that should be acclaimed by the awards.

Picture: John Phillips/Getty Images for EA Sports

After the clip, Humphrys, 72, treated the airwaves to a quick freestyle and now radio will never be the same again.

Listen to the extraordinary clip, below:

Naturally, Twitter had no idea what to do with this information (and neither do we):

What a grime to be alive.

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