A US journalist based in Ukraine is documenting what it's like to live in a warzone

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Sometimes, it’s the smaller details that hit home the hardest.

A US journalist based in Ukraine is documenting what it's like to live in a warzone, offering insight into life in Kyiv during the ongoing Russian invasion.

Terrell Jermaine Starr, a journalist with Foreign Policy magazine and host of the Black Diplomats podcast, has been sharing his experiences on the ground in the capital city.

It comes after reports of heavy street fighting against Russian troops which has broken out inKyiv as officials urged locals to take immediate shelter.

Reuters has reported that Kyiv has been struck by two missiles in the southwest areas of the city centre.

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While the world watches on, Terrell has been sharing his own experiences – and filled his followers in on day to day life as the invasion continues.

He recently posted a video of himself replenishing his supplies, writing: “This what it’s like to shop for basic things like medical supplies. Very long lines. And no promises what you need will be there when it’s your turn. Wasn’t like this before the war.

“So some supplies are hard to find, but it depends on where you go,” he added. “We’re into day three of this war, so it’s too soon to talk about food and medical shortages. Things appear very much in control on the ground with the civilian population here in Kyiv. ZERO chaos.”

Discussing the atmosphere on the ground, he also tweeted: “Civilians are walking around in Kyiv with automatic weapons like they are casually having a smoke. Everyone that can pull a trigger is ready to fight.”

The most heartbreaking moment came during one powerful video, which saw talking to his friend Andre live on CNN, who was driving to get a gun to defend his country.

Another emotional moment came when he said goodbye to a friend – a local who was preparing to fight for his country.

“Everybody give a salute to my dear loved one and Ukrainian patriot, Andriy. He’s a linguist by training, but now a volunteer fighter who is going to fight the Russians. We hugged and he said he’d be back. I know he will,” Terrell wrote.

It's a fascinating insight into life in Kyiv as the conflict continues.

It comes after Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky received praise after sending another defiant message from the streets of Kyiv.

The leader reassured the people of the country that he was still in the capital as the Russian invasion continued. He previously responded to reports in the Russian media that he had fled the streets despite previously vowing to stand and fight, and he again insisted he’s staying put.

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