Conspiracy theorists believe that Kamala Harris is part fish

Conspiracy theorists believe that Kamala Harris is part fish
Vice President Kamala Harris in St. Cloud, Minnesota

A new conspiracy theory just dropped, and this one is perhaps the strangest yet.

People online believe Vice President Kamala Harris might just be part fish.

Apparently, Harris, 58, looked fishy during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address last week, leading some people on TikTok and Twitter to theorise something was up with the VP.

TikTok user deelovesroberto posted a video zooming in on Harris during the speech as she sat behind Biden.

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In one video, that was taken down for posting misleading content, the TikToker wrote, “is it just me or what is this creature that doesn’t breathe and has fish gills or something weird?!”

The video was circulated around Twitter where others jumped in on the theory claiming Harris was wearing a rubber mask.

In another video, posted by deelovesroberto, the user claimed Harris had “demonic eyes.”

The “gills” people online seem to be referring to are wrinkles on Harris’ neck.

As for the “demonic eyes,” Harris has dark brown eyes and the lighting in the Capitol may have been too dim for cameras to catch her irises.

As leaders of the US, Harris and Biden are often subject to conspiracy theories, especially from people associated with the far-right.

People will accuse Biden of using a body double or being a shapeshifting reptile sent from aliens to take over the world.

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