Awkward moment where Keanu Reeves roasts a journalist for getting their facts wrong resurfaces

A cringe-worthy moment where Keanu Reeves roasted a journalist on TV has gone viral after resurfacing again online.

The clip is from a 2013 interview with MTV journalist Josh Horowitz and was posted online by Twitter user @thetzechun when John Wick, a film franchise Reeves stars in, was trending on Twitter.

He wrote: “Since John Wick is trending let’s just remember Keanu Reeves murdered someone on live TV. Wait for it.”

In the interview, Horowitz asked Reeves about the comedy film franchise Bill & Ted, in which Reeves plays the character, Ted.

The last film was released in 1991 but Reeves was reprising his role for a new film - something Horowitz had been asking the actor about in interviews for the previous eight years.

In this particular interview, at the Toronto International Film Festival, Horowitz wrongly asked Reeves if the voice of Bill would return easily when acting in the new sequel.

Reeves simply replied: “I play Ted.”

Horowitz responded, “Oh my God” and got up and walked away due to the sheer embarrassment of the situation.

Reeves said: “You just lost all of your cred, dude. That’s right. That’s what you should do right now.”

One Twitter user wrote of the famously nice Reeves: “Wow. He’s polite and kind even when murdering someone.”

The clip has been liked more than 37,000 times and regularly resurfaces on the internet.

Horowitz, the journalist from the incident, replied to a thread under the tweet, writing: “I just find it funny that this clip comes up every year randomly and folks think it’s the defining moment of my 15 years of doing this.

“I was the one who decided to run it because I thought it was funny. But all good! No one loves awkward moments more than me!”

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