A fake Keanu Reeves account is racking up millions of views on TikTok

A fake Keanu Reeves account is racking up millions of views on TikTok
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The internet is so fond of Keanu Reeves that someone pretending to be him has racked up hundreds of millions of views on TikTok.

An account going by the name @unreal_keanu has become hugely popular for its videos of Reeves deepfakes with more than 440 million views on its videos so far.

Deepfake technology is created by artificial intelligence and deep learning – an algorithmic learning method used to train computers – which is used to make a person that appears authentic.

Despite the fact that the account states in its bio that the videos are made through the use of AI, it’s fooling thousands around the world.

The videos see ‘Reeves’ do all sorts of things from choreographed dancing to trying on outfits – you know, the usual kinds of entertaining nonsense TikTokers know and love.

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And... dancing again! Sorry guys, I can't stop #dance #neon #party

The biggest clip posted by the account has been seen more than 115million times, and sees the unreal version of the actor dancing.

A scroll though the comments section is almost as entertaining as the videos themselves, with one saying: “Is him ? Or not I am confused.”


Welp... #keanureeves #round1fight #fight

“POV: you’re checking the comments to figure out if it’s a look alike guy or some kind of face swap filter,” one more said.

Some clearly recognised the parody account, with another commenting: “You guys realize that’s John wick”

“Everyone knows this isn’t Keanu right?” another said.

We shouldn’t be surprised that so many were fooled by the technology. Earlier this year, research revealed that fake faces created by artificial intelligence appear more trustworthy to human beings than real people do.

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