Woman finds a whole fried potato in bag of Kettle Chips

Woman finds a whole fried potato in bag of Kettle Chips
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Everyone knows crisps are made from thinly cut potatoes, but one woman was left shocked after getting more potato than she bargained for when she tucked into a packet of Kettle Chips.

TikToker Katherine (@katherineeatsplants) from Bristol - who regularly updates her followers on the different vegan food she eats - had opened a bag of the salt and vinegar flavour snack expecting the normal thin crisps, only to discover there was a large golden potato inside the packet.

"Can someone from Kettle Chips tell me why I found a whole potato in the bag?" A confused Katherine asked her followers as she filmed a 360-degree angle of the potato she placed on the plate and added further question marks in the caption.

Since posting her odd find, Katherine's TikTok has received over 285,000 views, 25,000 likes, along with hundreds of comments from intrigued people quizzing Katherine on if she has tasted the potato and whether it tastes good.

One person wrote: "That looks kinda nice tho," Though as crispy and golden as it looked, it seems looks can be deceiving as Katherine replied: "If it was crunchier it would have slapped Ahhaha."

When someone asked for a "taste test", Katherine said: "The whole bag was kind of soggy."

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Meanwhile, some people were advising her on what to do, whether that be attempting to score a refund or freebies from the crisp company or selling the potato mass.

One person said: "Put it on Facebook and they might give you a free bag/bags."

"Sell it on eBay," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Email their customer service and they’ll likely send u vouchers in the post."

Elsewhere, others expressed their envy had not discovered something like this themselves.

One person wrote: "Lord I’ve seen what you’ve done for others."

"How does it feel to live my dream???" another person asked.

Someone else replied: "You're just really lucky."

An account that appeared to be the crispy company (although not officially verified) replied: "How did this little guy slip through the net Check our latest video to see where your Kettle Chips come from."

On their TikTok account, it shows one post of a behind-the-scenes look at the crisp factory.

"Love this!!" Katherine replied.

indy100 has contacted Kettle Chips for comment.

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