A kid got stuck inside an antique barrel at his grandparents home and the pics are amazing
Photo courtesy of Portland TN Fire Department/Facebook

A Tennessee toddler found himself in a pickle over the weekend— stuck in a barrel at his grandparents’ house.

According to TODAY, Dorian, the two-year-old in question, became stuck in an antique wooden barrel he found his way into.

When his parents - Lance and Kelly Strubing - and grandparents couldn’t remove him from the barrel themselves, they took him to Tristar Emergency in Portland, Tennessee.

They had to conduct an X-ray on him first to see how he was positioned inside the barrel so they could “cut away a part of the bottom of the bottom of the barrel to free Dorian,” read a statement from The Portland Tennessee Fire Department.

According to News 4 Nashville, Dorian’s dad held the barrel as the fireman safely pulled him out of the top of the barrel.

*Sighs of relief!*

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Dorian wasn’t injured in the process and even received a popsicle for staying cool, calm ,and collected! For memories, the parents also asked the fireman who helped rescue him to sign the barrel.

“On 5/1/21, Engine 2 was called for assistance at the Portland ER to help extricate a small child from a wooden barrel. After working with the staff at the hospital and Sumner County EMS, the child was safely extricated,” read a statement on The Portland Tennessee Fire Department’s Facebook. “Afterwards, the parents asked the crew to even sign the barrel. Great job by everyone involved! #portlandtnfire,” they continued.

With the adorable pictures included, it will be hard to forget this moment!

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