This girl with bone cancer had her leg reattached backwards so she can dance again

This seven-year-old girl lost part of her leg to cancer - but she's determined that it won't stop her from dancing.

Amelia Eldred from Tamworth, Staffordshire, loves swimming, athletics, running and bike riding, and has vowed she will dance again after she was was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, in her left femur.

After five gruelling weeks of chemotherapy, followed by surgery to amputate the limb, the lower part of her leg was reattached backwards in a rare procedure called rotationplasty, to allow the ankle joint to work as a knee joint.

She will soon be able to use a prosthetic limb that her foot can slip into.

Amelia told BBC Midlands Today how she felt after the surgery:

It doesn't feel that different.

But it is different when I have to move because it's the other way round.

When I move it up or down, or side to side, I got the other way because it's the wrong way round.

A scan has shown that her bones are fusing well together and it is expected that Amelia could have a prosthesis fitted in around three months' time.

HT Birmingham Mail

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