People are telling Lily Allen to eat a goat

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In this age of surprise political results, it's probably not a good idea to promise to eat things if something unexpected happens.

Former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown, said he would "eat his hat" if the 2015 General Election exit polls were correct. He ate a marzipan hat later on BBC Question Time.

Then, Brexit expert, Matthew Goodwin, ate his book live on Sky after being proved wrong that Labour wouldn't poll more than 38 per cent under Corbyn.

Singer Lily Allen doesn't seem to have learned from Goodwin and Ashdown.

Shortly after the general election at the start of the month, where Theresa May lost her majority in Parliament, Lily Allen tweeted if the Prime Minister manages to get her Queen's Speech passed, she'll eat "the goat" live on Sky News.

It's not clear if she's referring to a specific goat or any goat, but it may have been a reference to the speech getting delayed due to DUP negotiations and confusion over whether the speech was printed on goatskin.

Yesterday, it passed by 14 votes.

Twitter never forgets, and people are now calling out Lily Allen, telling her to eat a goat.

Channel 4 news producer Kate Conway said "we'll hold you to that".

Mark Wallace, the Executive Editor of Conservative Home told Lily to "eat the goat".

Lots of people think she should eat the goat, including Matthew 'bookeater' Goodwin.

General life rule of thumb. Don't promise to eat things you don't want to eat.

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