Liver King targeted by devastating lawsuit by customers who feel cheated

Liver King targeted by devastating lawsuit by customers who feel cheated
Piers Morgan eats raw liver during interview with Liver King

Liver King endured one of the most dramatic influencer narratives of 2022 after his meteoric rise on Tik Tok and Instagram that showcased his commitment to bodybuilding within the confines of a 'primal' offal-driven diet - and he is now being met with the true repercussions of his actions as he is now being sued for $25 million.

Brian Johnson - age 45 - is known as the 'CEO of the ancestral lifestyle', committed to respecting his ancestors by consuming raw organs, and showcasing his muscles.

The fitness influencer has become a viral figure in the past year with over 1.7million followers Instagram/Liver King

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He attracted a massive following for achieving an impressive physical form by committing to the basics - and sold supplements to his following in the promise that his methods - the Nine Ancestral Tenets lifestyle - were key to him improving his health and fitness.

After a number of truth-filled revelations involving the use of steroids, it appears that Liver King's methods have collapsed and the transparent veneer of his liver chewing and intestine munching are the basis of a massive lawsuit brought to him by Christopher Altomare.

Altomare claimes that Johnson's companies Ancestral Supplements, LLC and The Fittest Ever, LLC have allegedly duped followers into buying his products.

The devastating lawsuit also alleges that Liver King's portrayed diet of choice was “dangerous and life-threatening” which led customers to suffer from 'severe' food-based illnesses based on the unsustainable diet - which also allegedly needed Liver King's sold supplements to help followers stick to it in the first place.

Not that the man himself was, and the previous controversy that unravelled is key to the lawsuit which takes aim at Johnson's 'deception'.

In late 2022, Johnson was met with accusations that his exceptional body wasn't down to just raw organs - and that steroids were used by Johnson to aid in his bodybuilding. Joe Rogan led his accusations in the public sphere - accusing him of having "an ass filled with steroids."

Accusations that were later backed up by a number of email leaks, and Johnson's own admission that he took steroids.

The Liver King took to his feeds to release a 6-minute apology video, where he admitted to the use of steroids in the past and present.

“I’m making this video to apologise because I f***** up. Because I’m embarrassed and ashamed. Because I lied and I misled a lot of people,” he said.

“Before social media I was rich and anonymous and after social media I’m still rich but no longer anonymous and I never expected this kind of exposure in the public eye. It’s been tricky as f*** to navigate…Clearly, I did it wrong and I’m here now to set the record straight. Yes, I’ve done steroids and yes, I am on steroids monitored and managed by trained hormone clinicians.”

That video was met with a negative response - including from Pewdiepie, who called it 'performative and lame', however - Liver King took the high road and admitted he was 'grateful' that his steroid use was leaked - and that he was enjoying the reaction because of the 'god-damn good discussions' that it had cultivated.

The New York Post was advised by representatives of Johnson's companies that no lawsuit has been served.

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