Liver King says he's 'grateful' after steroid use was allegedly exposed

Liver King says he's 'grateful' after steroid use was allegedly exposed

The biggest talking point in the world of fitness and lifestyle influencing right now is the Liver King, who’s found himself at the centre of a storm recently.

The viral star, real name Brian Johnson, is known for eating raw organs on his Instagram feed and puts the secret to his ripped physique down to following an ‘ancestral lifestyle’.

However, just how natural he is has been the focus of debate for some time, with Joe Rogan bringing him up on an episode of his podcast and accusing him of having “an ass filled with steroids” – something which Johnson previously denied.

This week, fitness influencer Derek from the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates has shared an hour-long video conducting an expose.

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As a result, the Liver King has allegedly been exposed for using steroids following the emergence of ‘leaked emails’.

The fitness influencer has become a viral figure in the past year with over 1.7million followersInstagram/Liver King

There’s been further development in the hours since the news broke, with Liver King emailing the Daily Dot seemingly with the intention of discussing the subject.

Liver King wrote in the email to the publication: “In a weird way, I’m grateful for the recent events that have shed light on this complicated-as-f*** topic.”

He allegedly then said that he wants to find a platform to “openly discuss this opportunity — to be better.”

“I couldn’t be more grateful for some of the guys sitting on the couch making reaction videos, surfacing new information that’s going to lead to some god-damn good discussions,” he added.

Indy100 has reached out to Liver King for comment.

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