Liz Truss photos are sparking Thatcher comparisons – and Twitter finds it hysterical

Liz Truss photos are sparking Thatcher comparisons – and Twitter finds it hysterical
Russian foreign secretary says Liz Truss meeting ‘like talking to a deaf ...

Social media have declared foreign secretary Liz Truss the new Margaret Thatcher after a hilarious tweet went viral comparing the two.

This week, Truss made headlines after travelling to Moscow to discuss the tensions over Ukraine – but it wasn't her diplomacy that had people talking.

Instead, her round fur hat caught the attention of social media, who drew comparisons between Truss and former prime minister Margaret Thatcher – who happened to wear something similar during a visit to Russia in 1987.

The collation of photos, in what can only be described as Thatcher cosplay, Truss was pictured recreating many of the Iron Lady's iconic images.

The first shows Truss wearing protective gear, including a bulletproof vest and helmet, on a trip to Estonia. The photo is reminiscent of a 1986 photo of Thatcher in a British Army tank on a visit to troops in West Germany.

Speaking to BBC Politics in December, Truss shut down comparisons by saying they're just coincidences. "Lots of politicians visit tanks," she said in reference to the first shot.

Another shows the foreign channelling Thatcher's publicity shot in 1979, where she cradled a calf named after her for more than 20 minutes.

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Inevitably, Twitter did its thing and found the comparisons hysterical. One joked that Thatcher had been "reincarnated", while another called her a "carbon copy."

A third candidly slammed the shots as "blatant and embarrassing."

On Thursday, Truss' conversation with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov didn't go as well as expected.

“It was like a conversation with a deaf person,” he said. “Who is here, but doesn’t hear.”

It got worse. When Truss said the UK “is resolute in pursuing a diplomatic path” to avert a war with Ukraine, something “Boris Johnson is very much behind”, her Russian counterpart sighed.

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