How indy100 writers celebrated the first week out of lockdown

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This Monday, lockdown eased for the second time in England. Well, not really, because if you factor in the number of lockdowns we have had and the steps we’ve taken to get out of them, it’s more like the 100th time or something. But who's counting? Not us! Thank you, Boris, for our freedom!

Anyway, in the week where we have finally been allowed to go to shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, the outdoor areas of pubs and restaurants and the gym – what have indy100 writers been up to?

Here is how we all have celebrated our first week kind of out of lockdown (three).

Greg Evans

At the risk of sounding incredibly cool the most exciting thing I’ve done this week so far is going to the supermarket and back. I’m currently doing a lot of DIY on my flat which is surprisingly time-consuming. In fact, the only likely bit of enjoyment I’ll get from lockdown being eased is going to Wickes which has been open the entire time so I guess I’m still living in lockdown. Maybe I’ll get to the pubs by the time July hits...

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Kate Plummer

The first day of lockdown easing coincided with the latest episode of Made in Chelsea dropping so, being the only person to still watch that, I centred my plans accordingly and did not go out. But later in the week I managed to clock up three visits to pubs, one of which importantly reunited me with my Mum. I also thought quite hard about going to the gym, but ultimately didn’t, and berated myself for not booking a haircut earlier. For liberty.

Sinead Butler

I haven’t really done much since the restrictions were eased but I did meet up with one of my friends (yay) that I haven’t seen in a few months (boo) for a coffee (yay), outside (so cold). We ended up going on a walk because it really was too chilly to sit outside with our drinks – and, yes, I’m aware that we could have just done that before lockdown eased. But who’s counting? I hate to say it, but I think I’ll probably go out more when indoor seating is open back again... Here’s to the next lockdown easing!

Cup of coffee on tasting bar of the Coffee Factory, Turin, Italy

Clara Hill

I had a marvellous day of freedom where I discovered that the Brixton (South London) branch of department shop Morleys now has a well-lit section dedicated to Beyond Retro. I also went on my first Tube ride since October, met my dear friend Celine for a tiny overpriced lunch and gin and tonics and then met up with my sister – a truly packed social calendar, I’m sure you’ll agree. When I got home, I was absolutely bushed but raring to do it again. I felt like best version of myself for the first time in months. It’s almost like being outdoors and seeing loved ones is good for you?

England Businesses Re-Open As Coronavirus Restrictions Ease

Hattie Brewis

I was too tired to do anything on Monday (plus forgot to book) so stayed at home, quite happily. On Tuesday, I got four inches of my hair chopped off in my first trip to the hairdresser since… August? I’m not a massive fan of how it turned out, but who cares? At least it’s a change. On Wednesday I went to the only restaurant near me with outdoor seating and availability. Was it the best meal of my life? No. Was it nice to see a friend and not my own haggard reflection? Yes, very much so. On Friday, I went to the pub with friends and I had a drink. On Saturday I collapsed from all the socialising. I expect this to extend well into early next week.

Stylist Danny Law with customer Amy Smith, who is visiting a hairdresser for the first time in more than a year, at the Strand & Lock salon in Birmingham's creative Digbeth quarter

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