A video of a Trompe-l’oeil optical illusion is blowing people’s minds - and there are more examples to bend your brain.

The TikTok user myart1975 asks viewers to guess which of the lollipops is just a two-dimensional picture and which ones are the real Chupa Chups. It is a lot harder to guess than it seems.

One by one, a lollipop is flicked away, revealing which is a doodle, and which one is actually candy.

Users expressed their awe at the video, which has racked up more than 7 million views and 60,000 comments.

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Trompe-l’oeil is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create an optical illusion, making it look like 2D objects exist in three dimensions. The popularity of perspective drawing soared during the Renaissance.

The TikTok account features several other confusingly impressive videos, including one with candy bars, and another featuring fish-shaped snack cookies.

Can you spot which ones are real and which are drawings before the final reveal?

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