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Twitter has an odd ability to be completely awful and utterly hilarious, sometimes at the exact same time.

This was evident just a few days ago on the social media platform thanks to a very odd reply to a tweet about London Pride.

UKLGIG, which is a group that supports LGBT+ people who are currently stuck in the immigration system, posted a tweet thanking journalist Owen Jones for marching with them as part of the weekend's parade.

Nothing wrong there at all, but a quick glance at the replies to the tweet and you will notice something quite unusual indeed.

A user known only as HubertusVenator, who describe themselves as a 'Catholic nation-state identitarian', decided to give their two cents on not just homosexuality (which we are pretty sure they are against) but also where London is figuratively heading.

Yeah, that's not cool, but Hubertnus soon found themselves getting ratio'ed to Gomorrah and back as Twitter found the perfect way to make a joke out of the situation.

Many people just wanted to know where in London 'Sodom and Gamorrah' was (possiblly Docklands)?

Look, just tell us where this spot in London is...

Looks like other European cities need to get a move on or risk getting left behind.

It's not all good though, is it?

Also, you can tell that Hubertus doesn't know a thing about London as they think it is a town!

And... oh yeah, London has been like this for centuries.

HT The Poke

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