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We all remember THAT cartoon of Piers Morgan and Donald Trump in a less-than-flattering situation, right? Well, Lord Sugar has something else to add to this.

What can only be described as a disturbing spectacle, Lord Sugar shared this with his five million followers on Twitter:

We know what you're thinking, that is quite a paperweight. Seeing the cartoon has seemingly struck a chord with Lord Alan Sugar.

It gets even more disturbing. If you thought this cartoon-turned-meme was ever going away, then let this tweet from Lord Sugar clear that one up:

The cartoon was first featured on The Mash Report as part of a satirical analysis of the differences between body language of legendary interviewer David Frost and his interviewee Richard Nixon, with that of Morgan and Trump.

Comedian Rachel Parris said this before the image was unveiled:

In the Trump interview, the staging hinted at a greater intimacy between the two men.

Lord Sugar has some grand plans for the paperweight.

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