Woman's incredible lost phone story is the most epic thing you'll read today

@liznlbee / Twitter / YouTube

Liz Bertorellia was parted from her phone in the most devastating way.

She dropped it onto the balcony below her flat and had to helplessly watch from afar as people contacted her.

....all night.

Things started to become a lot more tense after Liz looked at the weather forecast:

But, she did have a plan.

Of sorts.

But her neighbours who owned the balcony weren't answering their door.

So Liz resorted to sticking notes under their door.

To no avail.

So she went to get some sticky tape.

And she was determined to get the phone back.

By any means necessary.

But it didn't work.

The good news was that there was still signs of life.

So it was onto even more sophisticated contraptions.


Which showed a lot more promise...

And miraculously, it still works:

Here's a video of how it happened:

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