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You need to stop charging your phone overnight


A universal struggle of the 21st Century seems to be the constant hunt for power. No, not political power or financial power - but simply, an eclectic socket to charge up our smartphones.

The batteries in our little gadgets rarely last a day, and always give up just as you need to do something important; like call your mum or Instagram dinner.

With our busy lives and rushed mornings, it's tempting to leave our phones charging overnight – which, of course, is what most of us are guilty of doing.

But there's a very good reason we shouldn't: it can actually make the daily battery life struggle even worse.

A recent report has explained that batteries depreciate from the moment they’re first used, according to The Sun, including the ones in our smartphones.

Plugging them in overnight increases the time your phone’s connected to a power supply, which effects the battery’s long-term ability to hold charge much faster than if you just charged it for the amount of time needed.

Hatem Zeine, founder of Ossia, a developer of wireless charging technology, told Time:

If you think about it, charging your phone while you’re sleeping results in the phone being on the charger for 3-4 months a year.

Even though the manufacturers try their best to cover this scenario, this process inevitably lowers the capacity of your phone’s battery.

So tonight, it might be a good idea to give your phone a rest, as well.

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