'The loudest bathroom door on Earth' is now a tourist destination thanks to TikTok

'The loudest bathroom door on Earth' is now a tourist destination thanks to TikTok
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A Raising Cane's restaurant in Illinois that has been dubbed "the loudest bathroom door on Earth" is now becoming a tourist destination - and it's all thanks to TikTok.

Since late July, countless videos of the fast-food restaurant's DeKalb location have been created, highlighting how loud the men's bathroom door is when it's slammed.

One video described the sound as "earth-shattering," while another video noted how someone was "flabbergasted" by the door's ability to make such a sound.

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The news of the loudest bathroom door has since made its way to Twitter, with Angel Mendoza, the social media editor for The Washington Post, sharing a video.

The video showed two young men opening the bathroom door as wide as they could before letting go, causing them both to quickly cover their ears due to the thunderous noise.

"Are you normal, or are you on that part of tiktok where people keep traveling to the raising canes in DeKalb, Illinois to see if it really has the loudest bathroom door on earth (it does)," Mendoza captioned the post, accompanied by the video.

In another tweet, Mendoza added: "I actually want to go find it before it gets replaced by adults who hate Lore."

People also took to the comments to share their thoughts, with some noting that this was one of the "biggest" things to come out of the city.

"As someone who grew up in Illinois, this is the biggest thing that has ever happened to DeKalb," one person wrote.

"Nice to see the hometown getting some love on TikTok.. if only it was for something more impressive," another added.

A third wrote: "We need historic preservation but for stuff like this. Keep the lore around."

In other exciting tourism destination news, a preserved vintage Burger King was found behind a wall in a Wilmington, Delaware, shopping mall.

Matt Meyer, a local politician, and the mall's general manager Tom Dahlke have since taken people on a virtual guided tour of the restaurant on Facebook.

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