Arizona GOP candidate Kari Lake compares MAGA supporters to Jesus

The phrase “MAGA Christians” is trending on social media - and people aren’t hesitating to roast and share memes about how much of an oxymoron this is.

The trending term came about after Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake compared MAGA supporters to Jesus Christ during a recent speech.

The Republican candidate invoked the persecution of the religious figure, and even went as far as to point at a cross while doing so.

This was seemingly done as a parallel to how President Joe Biden characterized MAGA supporters in recent remarks.

In a clip shared to Twitter over the weekend, Lake made the bizarre comparison while speaking to supporters earlier this week.

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Lake blasted Biden’s anti-MAGA speech targeting former President Donald Trump and his allies and supporters.

Biden said Trump and MAGA supporters “represent an extremism that threatens the very republic.”

As a result, Lake proclaimed: “You can call us whatever you want, Joe. You can call us extremists. You can call us domestic terrorists.You know who else was called a lot of names his whole life? Jesus.”

She continued: “He never stopped. He never stopped. They called him names right up until his death. So why should we care what Joe Biden thinks of us?”

In light of this, people took to Twitter to poke fun and point out the contradiction. We’ve rounded up 11 of those reactions and memes.

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