After Mar-A-Lago raid, former President Donald Trump vows retaliation

On Sunday, the hashtag MAGA Foods began trending on Twitter leading to memes and jokes about food centered around Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.

From 'Special KKK' to 'Whinez Ketchup' people took every joke about Trump in the book to create new versions of food.

Luckily, there were plenty of food-related jokes to make as food played a large role in Trump's presidency.

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It's difficult to forget the time Trump served fast food to the College Football National Champions who were visiting the White House while the government was shut down.

Then he did it again when first women's basketball team visited the White House.

Obviously, the former president was a notorious fan of fast food.

But let's not forget when the Goya Foods CEO praised Trump which ultimately led Ivanka to posing with a can of Goya beans.

With all these options and more available, Twitter had a field day making #MAGAFoods

Referencing Steve Bannon's involvement with Trump, one person took a cartoon and turned it into Bannon serving Trump 'Special KKK'.

An ice cream flavor reminiscent of Trump's two impeachments? Peach and mint flavored obviously.

One person took Heinz Ketchup and turned it into "Whinez Ketchup" a joke that referenced Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony that Trump threw ketchup at the wall when angry.

There's no better way to sum-up Trump's suggestion that people drink bleach to cure Covid than to make a bleach-flavored drink.

Besides jokes that turned already existing food into Trump-themed food, there were also jokes about food that seemingly looked like Trump.

A corn on the cob with fluffy husks looked like Trump's hair flowing in the wind.

Plenty of foods resembled Trump's side profile too.

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