Man appears to ride his bike into water during a Brexit report on BBC News

If you needed further evidence that the country is in complete disarray then we suggest that you rewatch the BBC 10 O'Clock News from Tuesday evening.

As the UK attempted to make sense of what on Earth had just gone down in the Commons, BBC News sought to gain a little perspective from Scotland.

During a report by the Beeb's Scotland editor Sarah Smith, outside of the Scottish parliament, a man rode behind her on a bicycle. Everything seemed to be going fine until the chap inexplicably appeared to fall into the water below.

It's not entirely obvious what happens next but someone else emerges (could be the same man but it's hard to tell in the dark) laughing about what had just transpired.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed what had just gone down and simultaneously thought it was hilarious as well as a fitting metaphor for Brexit.

In all seriousness, we hope that the gentleman was OK and it is highly advisable to not ride a bike into a river or any body of water, whether it is on live TV or not.

HT The Poke

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