Man reveals how he was catfished by a grandmother

Man reveals how he was catfished by a grandmother
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A man has revealed how he thought he met his perfect match on a dating app, only to discover his date lied about her age and he had been catfished.

TikToker Paul Jones (@pauljones4laughs12) detailed in a video how he had matched with a woman on Tinder where the pair got talking and they then arranged a date.

The woman lived around half an hour away according to Jones and she sent him her address to meet up.

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"I went up there and knocked on the door,” he said. "Her mother answered and I was like, ‘Oh hello, I’m here to see Sarah.’"

"And she was like, ‘Yeah yeah yeah, come in, come in.’ So she was talking to me downstairs for about 10 minutes and I was like, ‘Oh, is Sarah coming down then?’”

It was then that the Welshman found out that he was in fact talking to Sarah and not her mother...

"What?! Say that again? I just got catfished by an old person!" he shouted in the video but added he "obviously didn't say that" to Sarah's face.

Though he did say to her that she "didn't look like her picture" only to find out that the picture was Sarah... albeit from 25 years ago.

"And then she had the cheek to say, ‘Oh you’re running a bit late aren’t you?" Jones recalled his date saying to which he joked in the video: "Yeah, I’m about 30 years late by the looks of it."

He also found out Sarah was retired so wasn't too thrilled to hear he was speaking with a pensioner.


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After the revelations, Jones went out on a date with his catfish who suggested they go and play a game of bingo which the TikToker agreed to as he explained it would be worth it if he ended up winning a lot of money.

"So we left, we ended up going to a social club near her house and the maximum win was £20 [$23] for a house," he said.

"I was sat there with her and her friends — all old — and I felt like a child that’s been taken out by their grandmother."

Once bingo was over, he brought Sarah home where she asked if he wanted to come in for a coffee (which he thought was a euphemism) and Jones politely turned her down.

Sarah then asked if Jones saw her more as a friend, and he made it clear that there were no romantic feelings there.

When Jones got back home from his failed date, he decided to take a closer look at his date's 25-year-old photograph.

"I go home and I looked at that profile picture again and I wish I looked at it in more detail because she was standing in front of Woolworths, which closed down in like 2009. Why didn’t I f***ing pick this up?" Jones said.

To conclude his failed dating story, the TikToker decided to give some marketing advice for Tinder: "Your new slogan should be, ‘Swipe right and get a fright.’ I GIVE UP!"

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