Man dumps woman - who flew across US to meet him - while she was asleep

Woman says date ditched her when she took a nap after flying ...

Talking over text is one thing, but flying across the country to go on a date - only for the guy to take the term "ghosting" to a whole new level by ditching a woman while she was taking a nap.

TikToker Samantha (@sdenoyer) arranged to meet up with a guy who shared a mutual friend with her after he sent her a DM to which Samantha "liked the vibes" and led to the pair Facetiming where they arranged to meet in person.

Though it seems the meet-up didn't exactly go to plan as Samantha filmed a TikTok from the bed of her hotel room explaining the situation.

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In her video, she wrote: "I flew across the country to meet a date – when I woke up from a nap he was gone along with all of his stuff," as she panned the camera to show the empty side of her bed.

"Exposing the clown I really am," she joked in her post caption.


#stitch with @ayeevuh._ #greenscreen exposing the clown i really am đŸ˜­đŸ€Ą

Since sharing her doomed date, Samatha's video has received 1.8m views, 208,000 likes, as well as thousands of comments from people who expressed their thoughts on the situation.

One person wrote: "I bet you randomly hear from him in 6 months. Hey what you up too?"

"If he paid for the hotel I would have ran his bill the HELL up with room service, call it an inconvenience fee," another person said.

Someone else added: "WHYYY do men do this someone explain."

"I would’ve took this L to the grave without a soul knowing," a fourth person commented.

In a follow-up video, Samantha gave a storytime as to what happened and why the guy randomly left her hotel room out of nowhere.

"He was like 'we should see each other' and I was like okay," she said and explained how she flew out to see him for two nights where for the first night she stayed at her date's hometown house and the next morning they got a hotel together.

After getting brunch together Samantha said she was "having fun for the most part" but said there were some things she was unsure about.

The pair drank and played board games, and spoke about taking a nap and when her date was in the bathroom "for a while," Samantha passed out and fell asleep.


Reply to @deegutierrez1

"I woke up like thirty minutes later and his duffle bag is gone, and my vodka and I was like 'this is so weird'," the TikToker explained she was "groggy" as she had just woken up.

So of course, she began to call up and text her date to ask what was going on as well as contacting their mutual friend who tried to get in touch with him too, and he does answer her.

"But as soon as he realises it's her, he hangs up on her, and she said there was really loud music in the background," she said.

Samantha's date then messages her 45 minutes after she contacted him and said he had a "family emergency," to which she asked him why he didn't just say this instead of having her "scared."

But then the penny drops as she then questions: "Why did you take vodka to a family emergency?"

"Why can't you answer my phone call? If her [mutual friend] number wasn't saved you answered a random phone number but you can't answer mine? The person you left in a hotel in a city I've literally never been in before, I don't know anybody here, I don't even have a car here - I'm just here by myself."

"Long story short is he never texted me back, after all those texts on my last TikTok - I am so confused," she said in summary just before she left to go to the airport.

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