Man signs girlfriend up to an etiquette class before meeting his parents

Man signs girlfriend up to an etiquette class before meeting his parents
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Meeting a partner’s family can be a nerve-wracking experience, but you’d hope your partner would be supportive and help ease the nerves.

Unfortunately for one woman, that wasn’t the case as instead her boyfriend signed her up for a class in social etiquette before she met his family.

In a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole community, the man revealed what happened when he told his girlfriend what he had done.

The anonymous man began the post by explaining that he and his girlfriend had been together for around three months and agreed she should meet his family.

He went on to describe how he had come from a privileged background while his girlfriend had grown up with “financial challenges” as well as other difficult circumstances.

The post continued: “The only problem is that she lacks the manners that my family typically expects from someone I’m in a relationship with.

“(My gf is the first less-fortunate woman I’m dating). For that reason I made the effort to prepare her for her first dinner with my family.”

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He revealed that he had signed her up for an online social etiquette course. But, when he told his girlfriend, things did not go well.

The man wrote: “When I told her she was absolutely furious. She claimed that I’m ‘obviously embarrassed’ to be with her and that I should just marry a ‘rich girl’ instead.

“She even accused me of being ‘just another white, privileged guy’. To make matters worse she said that it’s ‘racially insensitive’ of me to feel the need to teach her how to behave.”

Safe to say, the girlfriend wasn’t alone in her outrage as other Reddit users made clear that the boyfriend was very much in the wrong.

One person wrote: “YTA [you’re the a**hole]. If you don't accept her completely then why are you with her?

“Honestly, you're the classless one, the one without etiquette. She deserves better.”

Another agreed, explaining: “Obvious YTA and your girlfriend already explained why. You ARE embarrassed of her, otherwise you wouldn't give two flying f***s at a rolling donut what your family thought of your GF's manners.

“And if you seriously don't see the unpleasant racial tones of you, a white wealthy guy, making your non-white GF take freaking etiquette classes to pass muster with your snobby, judgmental rich white family, you really should not be with a woman of color.”

Another Redditor suggested: “YTA. You've basically just told her she's embarrassing. If you're concerned about the way your family will react to her, maybe she shouldn't meet them.

“It may be a better idea to talk to your family and tell them they need to get ready for a dose of reality, because an actual person is about to enter their ivory tower.”

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