A man accidentally sent a not-so-sweet message about his Hinge date to the date instead of his pal moments after confirming the date - and the woman took to TikTok to highlight the blunder.

Meag, who goes by @ohmeagzing on the platform, posted the viral video captioned “@hinge were is my refund,” which shows a screenshot of the text messages from her date.

She and the man labelled “Danny Hinge” had confirmed where and when they would have their date.

It appears that Meag wanted to meet in a public place because she’s essentially meeting up with a complete stranger, and Danny had made a crack about showing that he wasn’t “going to murder you I guess.”

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But then, she got a message that she wasn’t expecting. She was sent a screenshot of her Hinge profile and a message that was presumably meant to be seen by Danny’s friend.

“My date tmrw and do not laugh. She’s nice and got jokes but defiantly blah,” Danny wrote in the text message.

In the video, Meag looked greatly surprised as she mouthed the words to the background music, “abcdefu” by GAYLE, which seems to make sense for the recent chatter.

“A-B-C-D-E, F-U, And your mom and your sister and your job, and your broke-a** car and that s*** you call art.”


@hinge where is my refund #fyp

The video received over 6.3 million views within a day.

Despite Meag’s caption asking Hinge about the “refund,” it doesn’t look like a representative from the app responded.

In a comment on her video, she said that there is ‘no juicy part 2” and that she sent Danny a message the following day to let him know that she was “gonna have to pass.” He didn’t respond and left her on read.

People in the comments were equally as stunned by the man’s behavior, and pointed out that Meag is “beautiful.”

They also spoke on his supposed lack of spelling skills.

“The biggest red flag is how he spelled definitely and didn’t question it,” someone wrote.

“You’re literally beautiful?????” another added.

Someone else joked that Meag should’ve sent the almost-date a similar message.

“Send him a screenshot of it and say, “My date tomorrow. Don’t laugh, he spells definitely ‘defiantly’ but says he won’t murder me.”

Poking fun at the situation as well, Meag also changed her TikTok bio to “defiantly blah.”

Indy100 reached out to Meag via her TikTok comments.

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